Manufacturer Artgile
Materials zellige
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We can not deny that Man is a nature being and born from nature .generally, Man can not survive without nature. So, this fountain that we are going to talk about it right now called TAWLIF which means in arabic Nature or FLORAL design. Our skilful artisan has been inspired from nature and this fountain is like a flower that's why we label this fountain with FLORAL design but the most complicated thing in this ornamentation is made by small pieces. Piece by piece are combined together to form this beautiful combination. It is not easy to make like this fountain. It is the most intricate design that we have in our store. How gorgeous to set down and starts meditating at this perfect creation of the Moorish civilization. You can not take your eyes off from this perfect beauty. Really, it's something magical that people get infatuated by this art. It is an eye catching and attracting. This fountain made from the small pieces are combined together but what is more incredible and strange is that all the pieces are up side down. Like a puzzle. So, the artisan should be very clever enough to remember where he can put the right shape with the right color in the right place .so, when we finish with fixing all the pieces together. We put cement above the fixed forms. We have to wait till it get dried then we flipped and we make an iron frame until we get a complete fountain. What makes this art so valuable because every thing 100% handmade and handchiseled.


Morocco is very known for its art of mosaic because it last as a true masterpiece of Moroccan handcraft. This fountain can be used as a decoration to flourish your wall with. It has a pump for recycling water and it gives a shining and bright out look to your home. This is the right and unique masterpiece you can use to embellish your home. You can choose the size you want and we will cover that for you.