Manufacturer Artgile
Materials zellige
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Making like this ornamentation requires a true craftsman starts with raw clay with water and hand filter for impurities. At this point, the clay becomes a soft and malleable substance that can be placed into various molds. These pieces are then placed side by side and left to dry in the bright Moroccan sun. zellige tiles are flattened and shaped by hand and left to dry further. Each piece of zellige is hand dipped in glaze and then methodically placed in an earthen kiln. Heat is distributed unevenly through out the kiln which gives zellige its incredible variation. Every zellige tile is an expression of the artisan's work that day- beautifully imperfect and unique. Lastly, the tiles are glazed and cut to perfection. Each tile is a piece of art in its own right, but the way we combine that small handchiseled pieces is extremely incredible. The artisan or the master should put the right shape with the right color in the right place but all the pieces should up side down. Like a puzzle. All the pieces are up side down that's why this art requires an expertise in mathematics and geometry to make like this beautiful combination. Our skilful artisan make this creation with love, passion and devotion.


Morocco is very known for its art of mosaic because it last as a true masterpiece of Moroccan handcraft. This coffee table can be used in the guest room to have some beverage on it. It can be used in the balcony as well to drink your coffee and enjoy with sunset. This table's height 40 cm, width 35 cm and depth 35 cm. You can choose the size you want and we will cover that for you.