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Materials zellige
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For sure. If you come to Morocco, you will visit the mosque Hassan the second in casablanca because it consider as one of the best monument that can give you a glimpse about our history, culture and civilization. So, what is more attracting and eye catching is the architecture of the mosque. One of the most striking features of the Moroccan architecture is mosaic "zellige ". Mosaic considers a part of our culture and part of our identity as well. So, this table that we are going to talk about it right now called Hassan the second design. The way how we made this kind of zellige table extremely surprising. So, this table begins with a square tile 10 inches on 10 inches. We cut that tile into small tiny individual shapes after that we take the small forms to the assembling point and the artisan starts putting the right shape with the right color in the right place but the most incredible thing in this table is that all the pieces are up side down. Like a puzzle, we called it blinded puzzle. So, the artisan should have a very strong memory to remember where he can put the right shape in its place, after that we put cement above the fixed pieces and we have to wait until the cement get dried then we flipped. When we reverse it. We discover a very beautiful surprising ornamentation made by our luxury handmade with love, passion and devotion.


Moroccan is very known for its art of mosaic because it last as a true masterpiece of Moroccan handcraft. This table is multiuse. It can be used as dining table, coffee table or floral table. It can be used in kitchen, balcony and in garden. This table's height 89 cm width 80 cm and depth 90 cm. You can choose the size you want and we will cover that for you.