Moroccan Wall Mosaic Fountain

Moroccan Wall Mosaic Fountain

Manufacturer Artgile
Materials zellige
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Moroccan Wall Water Fountain / Moroccan Mosaic Ceramic Tiles / Moroccan Wall Mosaic Fountain / Indoor Water Fountain Our mosaic Fountain is traditionally handcrafted in Morocco, Morocco is well known for the art of mosaic setting since these mosaic gems are a true masterpiece of Moroccan craftsmanship, it takes years


These Handcrafted fountains add style to dining rooms, patios, gardens, and poolside. Mosaic is a form of decorative art placed face down inside a metal table frame to create the mosaic table design. DIMENSIONS Size : Height: 74 centimeters Width : 44.5 centimeters Quality We wouldn’t be in this business if we didn’t put a high value on quality. From the products we offer and the partners we work with to the service we provide, quality is our number one priority. Tags: Tile Fountains wall tile fountain Moroccan fountain talavera tile resin fountain wall water fountain wall mosaic fountain mosaic ceramic tiles water fountain mosaic tiles fountains outdoor mediterranean tile morocco tile Materials: ceramic mosaic copper Zellige tiles