Moroccan Ceramic Polychrome Tajine

Moroccan Ceramic Polychrome Tajine

Manufacturer Artgile
Materials pottery
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Moroccan Ceramic Polychrome Tajine and Metal Overlay, Moorish Designs Design: Traditional Moroccan Touch Width: 31 Inches Height: 25 Inches Material: Ceramic, Metal, Stones Package Included: 1 x Handmade Pottery Tagine


Moroccan ceramic decorative Tajine polychrome, stones, and metal overlay with conical overlay lid. The bottom is a circular bowl hand-painted and the top of the tagine is distinctively shaped into a cone and overlaid with filigree silver. Handcrafted and hand-painted with Moorish designs by artisans in Fez Morocco. These Moroccan ceramic Tagines are beautifully sculptured out of a mixture of cement, clay, and other material, baked and handcrafted into a variety of designs and decorated with metal. Like so many of the items in our collection ceramic vases are beautiful displays. The stately elegance of these pieces will fascinate the eyes for years to come. Tags : Moorish Ceramic moroccan tagine house warming Pottery Tagine Polychrome Tajine Moroccan Handmade Moroccan Art Moroccan Pottery Ceramic Tagine Kitchen And Dining Clay Cooking Pot Moroccan Tableware Handmade Tagine Matrial : ceramic camel bones iron